Baldi's Basics系列/Congrats! - A message from the developer

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Congrats! - A message from the developer
作者Micah McGonigal(Mystman12)
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No, this isn't some meta "WOAH the game developer was part of the lore the WHOLE TIME?!?!?!" moment. Just me destroying all sense of immersion to congratulate you on beating my stupidest challenge yet, and to reveal a bit of what future holds for Baldi's Basics!
Many of you have been wandering, does Baldi's Basics have "LORE"?! To that I answer: There is a story I'd like to tell.

Baldi's Basics is going to be a part of that story. Emphasis on "going to be". I want to be very clear. I haven't started telling this story yet.
I hope this doesn't spoil the fun at all, but you've worked so hard to get here I want to save everyone the trouble and clarify that no Baldi's Basics game released before Baldi's Basics Plus version 1.0 should be considered a part of said story.

The original games are just too... unruly for me to adapt to it.
When finished, Baldi's Basics Plus is going to be a part of something I've put a lot of thought into. I hope you'll look forward to it! Until then, I hope you'll enjoy playing the Baldi's Basics Plus early access and, of course, Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered!
Thank you so much for playing!


不,这并不是什么“哇,游戏开发者一直都是传说的一部分?”只是我破坏了所有的沉浸感来祝贺你击败了我最愚蠢的挑战,并透露了一些关于《Baldi's Basics》的未来!
很多人都在疑惑:《Baldi's Basics》有“知识”吗?!对此,我的回答是:我想讲一个故事。

《Baldi's Basics》将成为这个故事的一部分。强调“将要成为”。我想说得很清楚。我还没开始讲这个故事呢。
我希望这不会破坏你的乐趣,但你已经如此努力地来到这里,我想为大家省去麻烦,澄清一下,在《Baldi's Basics Plus》1.0版本之前发行的任何《Baldi's Basics》都不应该被视为上述故事的一部分。

完成后,Baldi's Basics Plus将成为我花了很多心血的一部分。我希望你会期待它!在那之前,我希望你喜欢玩Baldi's Basics Plus的早期版本,当然,Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered!