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  • New cards

Hanging Spider 3/3/2
Delay: If this is dead, add 2 Spider Donuts to your hand and 2 Spider Croissants to your deck.

  • Balancing (Monsters)

Loren -- ATK 3 > 4. HP 3 > 4.
Papyrus -- COST 12 > 11.
Cafe Jukebox -- EFFECT UPDATE: Taunt. Magic: Look at 3 random different non-TOKEN spells you cast this game and add one to your deck.
Mom Slime -- EFFECT UPDATE: Whenever you spend G on spells, summon a Kid Slime.
Maus -- EFFECT UPDATE: Dust: Add a Cursor to your deck. If this is the only ally monster on board, add a Cursor to your hand.
Rouxls Kaard -- EFFECT UPDATE: Transparency. You are Invulnerable. Magic: Add a Puzzle Box to the enemy hand.
Skateboard Girl -- HP 4 > 5. EFFECT UPDATE:Haste. Delay: If this monster attacked and survived, add a copy of it to your hand.
Fox Head -- EFFECT UPDATE: Magic: Deal 1 DMG to the leftmost and rightmost living enemy monsters.
Spamton NEO -- EFFECT UPDATE: Taunt. Magic: Give your opponent FREE KROMER.
Iconman -- EFFECT UPDATE: Magic: Look at 3 random other Deltarune monsters costing 4-6 G. Burn one to add the other 2 to your hand with +1 HP.
Cyber Tree -- EFFECT UPDATE: Delay: Give +1/+1 to all other Generated ally monsters. Program (1): Repeat.
Red House -- EFFECT UPDATE: Taunt. Dust: Heal 2 HP to you.
Dogamy -- COST 7 > 6. ATK 4 > 5. HP 3 > 6. EFFECT UPDATE: Magic: If you have an ally Dogaressa, give this and all ally Dogs on board and hand +1/+1.
Dogaressa -- COST 7 > 6. ATK 3 > 6. HP 4 > 5. EFFECT UPDATE: Magic: If you have an ally Dogamy, gain +2/+3, Taunt, and +1 Dodge.
Royal Guard 2 -- EFFECT UPDATE: Dust: Give 4 random Royal Guards in your hand -2 cost.
Royal Papyrus -- EFFECT UPDATE: Haste. Magic: Give Taunt to all monsters with 9 or more base cost in your hand and deck.
Casual Guard 1 -- EFFECT UPDATE: Magic: Draw a Royal Guard with Dust. Trigger it. If this is your only monster, gain Haste.
Casual Guard 2 -- EFFECT UPDATE: Transparency. In your hand, this has -3 cost if you played a monster with a base cost of 9 or more G this turn.
Nice Cream Guy -- COST 4 > 5. HP 4 > 5.

  • Balancing (Spells)

Petrification -- EFFECT UPDATE: Kill an enemy monster. Summon a Petrified Monster for your opponent.
Instant Noodles -- COST 12 > 10.
Cloning -- COST 7 > 4. EFFECT UPDATE: Summon a 3/3 exact copy of a non-DT monster. If it can't attack, give it Haste.
Fortune -- EFFECT UPDATE: Delay: Earn 5 G.
Puzzle Box -- COST 2 > 3.

  • Balancing (Artifacts)

Good Food -- EFFECT UPDATE: Shock: Heal 1 HP to you.
Ultimate Fusion -- EFFECT UPDATE: Starts with 7 counters. At the start of every even turn until turn 15, send the rightmost card in your hand to the top of your deck and add the next Thrashing Part to your hand (from lowest to highest cost). Whenever you summon a Thrashing Part (except all tribes) for the first time, spend 1 counter. Turn end: If this has 0 counters, add Final Gambit! to your deck and disable this.

  • Balancing (Souls)

Integrity -- EFFECT UPDATE: Turn end: If you spent 5 or more G this turn, gain +1 G. Your G cap is 11.